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Eastlake High School (EHS), home of the Titans, opened in 1992. Since its beginning, the site has drawn positive and successful staff, students and community members. This is due in part to the college-like appearance and active involvement with the Eastlake community, but more importantly its current students and their academic accomplishments draw families to the school. The beautifully landscaped campus reflects the pride of both staff and students. The school serves 2,862 students on the main campus and as a result of high student achievement among all student groups on the state STAR testing in 2004, Eastlake High School qualified and was awarded California Distinguished School status in May, 2005. Eastlake High School had full WASC visit in 2008-09 and received a three-year term. In 2010, Eastlake High Passed 800 in the API.

This year the EEF funded:
Eastlake High School will incorporate additional microscopes into their curriculum so that more students will have access to the tools. Learning how to use microscopes will be very beneficial to students, as a number of science courses are required for students. Currently, classes often have to share microscopes, which results in teachers compromising their lesson plans in order to accommodate other classes. Additionally, Eastlake High will improve their extracurriculars and clubs with better technology. For example, the dance team will benefit from an upgraded sound system, and the robotics team will learn more with additional funding for supplies and competition fees. Robotics competitions have entry fees, and the Eastlake High robotics team will receive funding to pay these fees. Competitions help students learn by inspiring a competitive drive to do better. Additionally, having more supplies such as robot parts will allow the team to expand their knowledge and experiment more by building new robots. More funding for the robotics team will equate to more challenges and therefore, more learning. Eastlake High classes will use newer technologies to teach the material better. For example, the AP English class will benefit from a SMART Board, as the SMART Board will refine students’ presentation skills and improve the educational value of their work. The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard with the power of a computer. It will allow Eastlake High teachers to deliver more dynamic lessons, write digital notes, and more, as it is a whiteboard combined with a computer.

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