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EastLake Middle School (ELM) currently serves 1,600 students in grades 7 and 8 and has seven feeder elementary schools. The ELM community prepares all students for academic and personal success through transitional standards-based learning experiences. All students are provided equal access to an integrated, rigorous curriculum focused on achieving state standards, without losing sight of the special needs of the middle school student. Each person is valued, respected, and encouraged to achieve to his/her fullest potential in a safe and secure environment. Students are prepared for the diverse global society of this century by participating in challenging curriculum, community service, and state-of-the-art technology. ELM prepares students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, fluent communicators, as well as global and personal stewards for life-long learning.

Funding for 2012/2013 School Year

Recently the EEF awarded EastLake Middle School with $20,000 for the 2012/2013 school year.

Funding will be used for multiple technology related items such as:

  • 5 much needed computers for the library’s mini lab which is a resource for all of the nearly 1,700 students.
  • Online grading system, Jupiter Grades, for teachers. This will allow teachers to post student’s grades and homework online with email capacity to keep students and parents updated on the child’s progress.
  • A laptop computer for the Moderate Program. This program is for students that are too low for the Fundamental/Special Day Class, but are too high for the Moderate/Severe Program. The students in this program, especially the students with Autism, learn best when material is presented visually, this computer will help with the way material is presented to these students.
  • The English Department will purchase two document cameras to allow instruction to be taught with more visuals, these cameras will allow teachers to use students work as examples to enhance learning, and increase the opportunity for “on the spot” learning.
  • The English Department will purchase IPad applications and accessories to better enhance instruction.
  • The Math Department will purchase SMART interactive whiteboards that will combine innovative, real-world experience, scientific insight and thought to help realize the fullest potential of every instructor and student.
  • The Science Department will purchase SMART interactive whiteboards. They will be used to enhance the Science curriculum with interactive lab activities, providing students the experience they need to construct knowledge. They will also provide interactive instruction.
  • The Science Department will purchase an Attainment Company’s Teaching to Standards: Science Classroom kit. The program allows hands-on experimentation and comes with all the experiment materials needed, students activity book, student response guide, an implementation guide, safety and KWHL posters, vocabulary and photo cards, staff training DVD and much more.

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