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Salt Creek Elementary School

Salt Creek Elementary is an innovative, nurturing, and diverse community, raises and empowers the leaders of tomorrow on the pillars of academic rigor, personal integrity, and civic responsibility. Their mission is to support future leaders to love to learn and to respect others through a commitment between students, parents and staff. Salt Creek Elementary School shares the district’s vision for our local learning community. Salt Creek is committed to providing a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment for all of their children. The children are creative-thinking, high-achievers, and confident in their own abilities. They are committed to lifelong learning and responsible citizenship. Salt Creek’s learning environment is based on high expectations and clear standards. The school embraces a rapidly changing world and look to our community and district for support. Students are provided the tools and strategies to become self-sufficient and technologically proficient, accessing information from all over the world.

Funding for 2012/2013 School Year

Recently the EEF awarded Salt Creek Elementary with $20,000 for the 2012/2013 school year. Funding will be used to support the technology support staff and enhance their collection of mobile devices. Technology is integrated throughout all of the students at Salt Creek. Students have written comments on blogs and produced creative stories on sites like Storybird. They have also watched video to enhance their math instruction from Khan Academy to name a few. These are just a few examples of how Salt Creek students are using technology to support and enhance every facet of learning. The technology support staff is needed to continue moving the school into the 21st Century.

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